Castro is the leading and most popular fashion house in Israel.
From our perspective, Castro is the Israeli answer to global fashion. It incorporates the love and passion for fashion, quality, and design, together with the Tel Avivian and Israeli character whose source is in our nature as people and as a fashion house – energetic, colorful, urban, free, happy, and sexy, with a pinch of chutzpah.
As the leading and most popular fashion house in Israel, Castro is proud to lead a productive and ongoing dialogue between its local design studio and the people who live here in Israel. This is a fruitful conversation created by people who live here, for people who live here. This is our home. As a youthful company for fashion and lifestyle, we are committed to our values and provide our customers a unique and exciting experience in all areas of personal appearance and lifestyle. We see in this a commitment of respect and appreciation for our customers.
We are proud to have won the title “Israelis’ Favorite Fashion Chain” in 2012 according to a survey of Geocartography, as well as the title “Leading Fashion Brand of the Decade” in 2010 according to a survey of TheMarker.
Our collections harmonize fashionable design, sophistication, and excitement, with quality, richness, and care, a combination that gives our customers complete confidence in their choices, and fully addresses their fashion needs.
We address our customers’ needs through three main lines: the Red line for casual fashion, the Black line – a smart, sophisticated, and elegant line, and the Blue line – our winning line of jeans. We also offer complementary collections – shoes and bags, lingerie, glasses, jewelry, and even bicycles and other accessories to accompany our customers during all of life’s moments – in the daily routine and in the evening, in the small moments and in the important, exciting and unforgettable ones.
We consider it an extremely important goal to continue to lead fashion in Israel through the next decade, to closely accompany our customers in all areas of appearance and lifestyle, through the design and sale of fashion and lifestyle products of the first rank, and at fair and accessible prices.
Castro was established in 1950 and for over six decades has led the fashion dialogue in Israel. The fashion house has a chain of stores spread throughout Israel, and it is in a constant state of growth, development and renewal.

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