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Olga Fisch Folklore is an Ecuadorian brand founded in 1942 by Olga Fisch, a Hungarian Jew and Bauhaus artist who came to Ecuador in 1939, as soon as she set foot in Ecuador she fell in love with Ecuadorian folk culture.
During her lifetime Olga lost several art collections, which is why she had promissed to never collect again, a promisse that was quickly broken upon her arrival. Once in Ecuador she was mesmerized by the colors textures and tradition of folk art and began to collect and curate the first popular art collection in Ecuador, a collection that would later be touring the world.
Olga´s arrival to Ecuador caused such an impact on her that it did not take long for her to start applying what she saw and what she collected into different designs which led her to work very closely with artisans. Among her most famous designs are her rugs which where featuredat the Moma, at the Lincoln Center, at the UN building and several other renowned collections.