Our name is a direct nod to the beautiful sprawling reefs that surround our little island home. The name captures our brands greatest attributes; a love of the the nautical lifestyle, resilient fabrics, fits and diverse palettes inspired by Bermuda.
Our logo, the Bermuda Angelfish, thrives in tropical climates, much like us. Known to be fearless, sleek and inquisitive, this colorful fish is recognized for its bright colors and patterns, hence the inspiration.

Welcome! This is Atelerie, a concept shop that blends style and thoughtful design in the heart of Hamilton, Bermuda. Curated with love, our team sources, finds, feels, and selects with you in mind. Let your eye travel through our selection of apparel, fine jewelry, accessories, homewares, wine and pantry, stationery, and wellness essentials.

A home to the artists, designers, and makers we carry, Atelerie was designed to invite community and create collaboration. We built this space with the things that inspire us. We hope that they will inspire you.

Whether you shop online or inside Atelerie’s bright interior, feel instantly transported. This is a place for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary. Our highly engaged team takes care of the details to provide an exceptional shopping experience.

Bermuda Sands Apparel began simply as a question.
What if we can create something better?
The fall of 2009 brought together several entrepreneurs that wanted to take their combined knowledge and experience and create a new brand. This brand would maintain a level of control over their manufacturing and styling, no outsourcing, no middleman.
Bermuda Sands Apparel started with just 7 shirts, but very quickly saw the need for growth within the company. With the “green grass” golf market in a slump, the low overhead and aggressive pricing of Bermuda Sands made for a shirt that would help keep shops in the black.
With the success of the initial selection of shirts, outerwear seemed to be the next logical step in creating a well-rounded brand. Through Cotton Inc., Bermuda Sands began utilizing STORM DRI® in outerwear garments. This proprietary fabric allows for water-resistant properties in 100% cotton garments. Bermuda Sands is still the only company manufacturing STORM DRI® exclusively for the golf market.
Following the success of STORM DRI®, Bermuda Sands began developing an entirely new line of garments. Focusing on quality stitching and performance based fabrics; this new collection represented lifestyle-focused garments, with an emphasis on luxury.
Now offering over 40 different styles in a wide selection of patterns and colors, Bermuda Sands continues to grow. Branching out into new markets and territories has also meant looking into new ways of reaching customers.

Barbara Finsness lives and works on the magical island of Bermuda, where she draws inspiration from the bright colors, island cottages, flowers and sea life of this pristine, semi-tropical paradise. Barbara creates her original designs in her home studio, preferring to create them by hand at her drawing board.
Barbara works with experienced artisans all over the world who translate her designs onto a variety of high-quality, hand-made products including Italian ceramics, linens, embroidered pillows, hand towels, tableware and more. Each product embodies her distinctive style and incorporates the unique floral, architectural and nautical elements of the island. Prints of her original artwork are also available in her island shops and online.

NOVAH is a brand born on the beaches of Bermuda, blending our island lifestyle with a signature aesthetic of minimal luxury. Fusing beautiful colours and custom prints with luxurious Italian lycra and seamless comfort, NOVAH Swimwear embodies effortless style and femininity. Our flattering cuts are designed to mould to your body and frame your curves, accentuating your raw beauty.
NOVAH is designed for vivacious women, the adventurers and the dreamers, destined to journey to distant lands and to swim in far off seas. Women who are wild at heart.
To be surfed, swam, tanned, partied, lived and laughed in.