Armada group is a family owned clothing and Accessories Company, founded in Kuwait in 1973 by AL Tahan Family. Armada has grown from a single fast fashion store into a successful, globally recognized chain that carries renowned luxury and fast fashion brands. Today the company operates more than 15 brands with about 140 stores and across a wide range of sectors, offering consumers the latest recognized names in Fashion, Accessories and Footwear. We provide fashion, accessories and footwear for women, teenagers and Kids, our products are available in mono brand stores around the Middle East countries.
Our Owned Brands:

Created in 1997, Riva has been addressing women aged between 18 and 45 with a youthful outlook on life and an open, enquiring mind. Through its collections, Riva brand enjoys a loyal customer base, built up over 17 years, who trust a fashion alternative offering quality and fabulous styles. Riva offers the latest fashion combined with comfort for those who see the world through today’s eyes. Steady growth over the years has turned Riva into a consolidated brand and a major fashion reference in the Middle East Today Riva is present in 6 countries with more than 60 directly operated stores.
Our creations draw feminine, chic and sensual women, with character and personality. Always maintaining the Middle Eastern ladies’ tradition and reaching with every piece a universal elegance. This category is our main line of signature Parisian designed collection of sophisticated & inspiring styles made from quality fabric, vivid colors & beautiful feminine silhouettes. The points of strength are continuous introduction of new lines to encourage Riva customers to make repeated visit.

We explore and discover to bring in through modern and adorable designs a new level of inspiration with a touch of glamour for young ones aged from2-12 years which is meant to be loved from season to another.
Riva Accessories is devoted to bringing the most exciting and eclectic products to the Middle Eastern lady. A Well-priced and good quality collection of fashion accessories, Seasonal themes run through the brand, always presenting an individual take on the latest trends.

Opened in 1981

Bershka was created in 1998 as a new brand of the Spanish group Inditex
Bershka presents itself as a reference point for fashion targeting this increasingly demanding public and, in just 2 years, has consolidated its brand image in 100 shops; Today, after 18 years, the chain has more than 1000 stores in over 70 markets, with sales that represent 9% of the total revenue for the whole group.
Bershka’s public is characterized by adventurous young people, who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks and new technologies.

Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies. It belongs to Inditex, one of the world’s largest distribution groups.
The customer is at the heart of our unique business model, which includes design, production, distribution and sales through our extensive retail network.

We inspire and unite people through our passion for style and culture.
Our concept is what makes MANGO stand out. It springs from the alliance between a quality product of unique design and a brand image which is both coherent and unified. Dressing the urban and modern woman, meeting her daily needs, this is the formula which we have analyses, adapted and applied to each country in which we operate. This has been and continues to be one of the keys to our success and prestige.
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Created in September 2007, Nabira wanted to meet the demand of muslim women in Europe, especially in France, had been ignored for many years.

There are about 44 million Muslims in Europe and 4.7 million are located in France (which represents 7.5% of the French population).

In the 1980’s and 1990’s as well as in the beginning of 2000 it was difficult for an active Muslim woman to find suitable clothing in Europe. Trying to find large cloths of good quality that cover well became an uphill battle.

Today, Nabira offers a large selection of products that meet the demand of all Muslim women whether they wear a head cover or not, whether in or outside of France, who are concerned about their appearance.

2007: Opening of the Blog Nabira – style on the platform
August-September 2007: First sale Jilbab and Abaya
May 2008: Opening of the site and the first warehouse in Brétigny sur Orge (91-France)
July 2010: Opening of a second warehouse in Evry Courcouronnes (91-FRANCE)
October 2010: Increase in capital; Nabira became a private limited company
August 2011: Expansion of the second warehouse to increase storage facilities
December 2011: Opening of a call center in Evry (91-FRANCE)
March 2012: website improvements, complete translation of the website into English; delivery via ‘Mondial Relay’ delivery points became possible
November 2012: Designing of the first item in the Nabira collection,” A jilbab very well sewn, made of high quality fabric . This product has been very popular ever since if came out.
February 2013: Set-up of a German and English website: and
May 2013: Express delivery (24hours) for France and throughout Europe with DHL EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL
Beginning of 2016: 14 aisles with over 700 reference numbers and more than 100,000 products in stock
All products sold on the Nabira website are in stock

Three sisters from Los Angeles, California have come together to take the fashion world by storm, and rather affordably!
What started as an idea, has morphed into the ultimate go-to place for fashion savvy women all around the world. Naked Wardrobe is an online store that is always on trend, and always fashion forward.
We provide fabulous fashion, and the latest trends at an affordable price point. We design and produce in limited quantities to ensure that our styles are exclusive, and individualized for our clients. Naked Wardrobe is a fashion forward line created with the intention of celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on the ability to empower our clients to be confident and express their sense of style through the latest trends.
Naked Wardrobe’s dedication to fashion, style, and making our clients look and feel great is thought out carefully with each piece that is hand selected and designed.
We hope that you love each and every addition to your Wardrobe.

Further information on our Business Model, Strategies and Objectives can be found here.
For NEXT, corporate responsibility means addressing key business-related social, ethical and environmental matters and ensuring we run our business in a responsible way. We see corporate responsibility as a key element of how we conduct our business as we believe it makes good business sense. Further information can be found on the corporate responsibility section of our website.
The primary financial objective of the NEXT group is to deliver long term returns to shareholders through a combination of sustainable growth in earnings per share and payment of cash dividends. NEXT believes this objective is best achieved by continuation of the following strategies:
• Improving and developing NEXT product ranges, success in which is measured by sales performance.
• Profitably increasing retail selling space. New store appraisals must meet demanding financial criteria before the investment is made and success is measured by achieved profit contribution and return on capital against appraised targets.
• Increasing the number of profitable NEXT Directory customers and their spend, both in the UK and through international online sales.
• Managing gross and net margins through efficient product sourcing, stock management and cost control.
• Focusing on customer service and satisfaction levels in both Retail stores and Directory.
• Maintaining the Group’s financial strength through an efficient balance sheet and secure financing structure.
• Generating and returning surplus cash to shareholders by way of share buybacks or, more recently, special dividends.
J Hepworth & Son, Gentleman’s Tailors is established in Leeds, England.
Hepworth buys the chain of Kendalls rainwear shops to develop a womenswear group of stores called NEXT.
The first NEXT womenswear store opens on 12th February.
There are 70 NEXT stores around the UK by the end of July.
NEXT for Men launches in August. By December there are 52 menswear stores.
The first mini department store in Edinburgh opens incorporating womenswear, menswear, shoes and a café.