It all started in Autumn of 2014 during my visit to Iran. Despite my own Persian descent, upon completion of my visit to Iran. I was left intrigued and fascinated by the country, especially the art, constantly evolving to produce the most beautiful designs. Persian art was modern, unique and captivating in a way that I had never seen before. In 2016, I visited Iran again and I was left speechless with the elevation of modern art. For this reason, I decided to re-decorate my own house, in which I decided to incorporate the Western and Eastern culture together to achieve the perfect balance. The feedback that I received from my family and friends was astonishing.
Persis Collection is building a bridge between Western and Eastern culture. A bridge that is going to prompt Persian art into the world. The Persis Collection website is the first step, and ultimately, we desire to have galleries and exhibitions all over the world. For all to be able to indulge in the beauty which modern Persian artists are curating.
At Persis Collection you can discover wide rang of Home decor, Jewellery, Fashion products inspired by Persian & Middle Eastern art.

Wide Range of Products Inspired by Persian & Middle Eastern Art Worldwide Shipping.
Impresses Biggest Persian Shopping Galley in EU. Based in London.
Discover a wide range of exquisite handmade decorative items along with a carefully selected array of artistic fashion designs Products Over a Thousand Products Inspired by Middle eastern art.

Iranian Apparel (IA) is a clothing company based in San Francisco, California. IA is the brainchild of Pendar Yousefi and Shahin Edalati.
Drawing inspiration from their background in visual arts & advertising, IA designs are vintage-inspired infused with Persian motifs.

RosewaterHouse is run by a family of multigenerational Persian women. Roshanak Varasteh, the Founder, is a Fine Arts artist, Wellesley College’87 alumni and Harper’s Bazaar veteran. Roshanak co-founded RosewaterHouse with her youngest sister – Negar Varasteh, a lawyer by trade, but Design & Architecture enthusiast at heart. Negar found her true passion after moving to Paris when she completed the prestigious Painting & Art History program in Jeu de Paume and Ecole du Louvre consecutively. Both sisters have always championed Persian arts & culture in their respective artistic work. While traveling around the Middle East together in 2018, they encountered communities of female artisans whose local craft was at risk of disappearing forever. The idea behind the label was born then and there, out of the desire to preserve the centuries of design & craftsmanship that was passed down through generations of artisans in the Middle East.

Shortly after the inception of the idea, Leily Amirsardary Ahmed, Roshanak’s youngest daughter, also a Wellesley College Alumni’16, saw an opportunity to create an ongoing network of support for these female artisans by sharing the rich history of Middle Eastern craftsmanship with women around the world. Putting their respective areas of expertise together, RosewaterHouse launched with a series of Pop-Ups from Paris to London to NYC, and finally – Online – so that you can Join the Collective from anywhere in the world.
The collective design process helps us bring the rich history of Middle-Eastern craftsmanship together with contemporary design. Working closely with these artisans helps us learn more about the history of the craft, as well the history of the region, inspiring how the collections come to life. Incorporating globally-inspired details and timeless silhouettes, each RosewaterHouse piece is tailored for perfection.
Our core mission behind the label is to grow a network of support that provides long-term employment for female artisans around the world.
We believe that by helping local artisans preserve their century-old craft techniques, we can not only protect the cultural traditions that have been passed down over generations, but also empower these artisans by helping them support their families, and live fulfilling lives in the process. The long-term vision for our efforts is to establish sustainable systems of employment and income for these communities as well as their future generations.

Imagine walking in a shopping mall and enjoying a beautiful sightseeing, different services and shopping from a variety of international and national brands. Madiseh is such an online shopping center in which a collection of the best products of the best international and national brands of Iran has been selected and collected so that you can see and compare them with the least amount of time and energy, and finally with confidence in the authenticity of the goods. Have a fun and different shopping.

Trust in Madiseh has been linked to one of the largest and most reputable business groups in our country, which has been offering the best international and national brands in Iran for more than half a century. Our Customer Product Distribution System is responsible for ensuring timely delivery of goods and support by using international standard infrastructure, and brings you a pleasant and distinctive online shopping experience.

Madiseh tries to be a good friend to you; The goods you see in the school are carefully selected and presented, delivered and delivered with the same precision and detail. Details are important to us; In the fast-paced world that surrounds us, Madise invites you to pause, get to know the top and special brands and products, and by shopping among them to your personal taste, your distinctive style and your child’s, your home and work space. And … enjoy.

(تصور کنید در مرکز خریدی در حال قدم زدن هستید و از گشتزدن در فضایی زیبا، خدماتی متفاوت و خرید از برندهای متنوع و برتر بین المللی و ملی لذت میبرید. مدیسه چنین مرکز خریدی در فضای آنلاین است که در آن مجموعهای از محصولات برتر بهترین برندهای بین المللی و ملی ایران انتخاب و گردآوری شده تا شما با صرف کمترین زمان و انرژی آنها را ببینید، مقایسه کنید و در نهایت با اطمینان خاطر از اصالت کالاها، خریدی لذت بخش و متفاوت داشته باشید.

اعتماد به مدیسه با یکی از بزرگترین و معتبرترین گروه های تجاری کشورمان پیوند خورده که در طول بیش از نیم قرن اخیر ارائهکننده برترین برندهای بین المللی و ملی در ایران بوده است. سیستم توزیع کالا و خدمات مشتریان ما با به کارگیری زیرساختهای استاندارد بینالمللی تضمینکنندهی تحویل به موقع کالا و پشتیبانی پاسخگو است و تجربهی خوشایند و متمایزی از خرید اینترنتی برای شما به ارمغان میآورد.

مدیسه تلاش میکند دوستی خوشسلیقه برای شما باشد؛ کالاهایی که در مدیسه میبینید با دقت انتخاب شدهاند و با همین دقت و جزئیات معرفی و ارائه و تحویل داده میشوند. جزییات برای ما مهماند؛ در دنیای شتابزدهای که ما را احاطه کرده است، مدیسه از شما دعوت میکند تا مکث کنید، برندها و محصولات برتر و خاص را بیشتر بشناسید و با خرید از بین آنها با سلیقهی شخصیتان، از سبک متمایز خود و کودکتان، فضای خانه و محل کارتان و … لذت ببرید.)

When you ask any Iranian kid what they want to be when they grow up you usually get one of three answers: Doctor, Engineer, or Lawyer!! Few are brave enough to say they want to be artists. But now 20 years has passed on and those kids have become amazing artists that we want to showcase here at Geev.
Welcome to the world of Geev!

Competitiveness, passion and elegance moving. In this expression it’s contained the essence of brand La Martina, born in 1985 with the only objective to support the Polo game and disseminating its values. From the first artisan production of boots and saddles, business has expanded and evolved technologically, until obtaining the levels of excellence required in this field. Over the years La Martina has supported the technical development of equipment with a unique lifestyle collection, without losing sporting role. The brand’s DNA is deeply anchored equipping sport.
We do not use the Polo game to promote the brand, we are Polo
Lando Simonetti