Minimal and timeless designs, comfortable fit and natural, high quality fabrics. We believe in creating beautiful and sustainable pieces made to last through life.


We use carefully selected, high quality, natural fabrics sourced and made in Europe.
100% GOTS certified organic cotton | OEKO TEX certified linen and wool | Zero waste manufacturing approach


All items are designed, cut, sewn and packed for you all in our studio in Slovenia.

Handcrafted – all pieces are handmade with care and attention to detail. Many of our items are not made until ordered by you.
Local – with purchasing LUCI item you’re supporting the little, local, good people.
Sustainable –every piece is designed with consideration on human impact on the environment and social responsibility and is made to last for a long time.
Minimal waste – amount of textile waste is minimized, shreds and remains of fabrics are used in other upcycling projects or recycled.

There is nothing better than clothes that breathe, do not itch and do not make you sweat. That is why we make our clothes from materials that are kind to your skin, such as organic cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo.
They make you feel good.

Zvesti smo načelom trajnosti, odgovornosti in kakovosti, našo dejavnost razvijamo postopoma, korak za korakom. Prav ta zmernost v nas krepi zavedanje, da želimo izdelovati le tisto, kar ljudje potrebujejo, brez neuporabnih dodatkov in nepotrebnih presežkov. Zato tudi v prihodnje ostajamo zavezani družinski tradiciji, ki ni zasidrana v pohlepu, temveč v izdelovanju najbolj kakovostnih izdelkov od ljudi za ljudi.
Oblikovano s skrbjo, ustvarjeno z ljubeznijo.

Nika Ravnik is a Slovenian designer. She finds inspiration in personal life, in odd things that catch her attention. The ethos of her design is sustainably oriented, both, in designing by the “zero-waste” principle, as well as in the creation of “one-size-fits-all” clothing. In Nika Ravnik’s world the lead story revolves around the colours, textures and details, upgraded by the geometric forms. By amplifying and manipulating concrete details of some inspiration, her creations become an authentic language that sometimes needs translation first to understand what is the concept behind. Her design is defined as multifunctional minimalism, combining avant-garde simplicity with artistic craftsmanship, tender provocation and timelessness.
Available for commissions and collaborations.

I am focusing on bringing sustainable, natural designs into your life. Using 100% natural textiles, grown and produced in Europe, so there is no import pollution and no exploitation of labour. I offer handmade products and many are one of a kind. I am exploring natural dyeing, many of my products are hand dyed by me, using plants from my surroundings. If the textile is not plant dyed it is dyed with eco friendly low impact reactive dyes, the textile has OEKO TEX certificate, which guarantees it does not contain any harmful substances and meets human-ecological requirements. I am also exploring organic printing, using plants to create earthy imprint on the garment or other useful.

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