Simplicity. Quality. Elegance. 3 elements that any YOKKO lady counts on.
YOKKO Fashion Store is a Romanian company of clothing production and retail clothing, established in 1997, with headquarters in Bucharest.
The business started 20 years ago, when a group of friends decided to open a clothing store downtown Bucharest and, soon after, they started their own creation atelier where ideas, sketches and stories will see reality. All of these were transformed, in time, into outstanding clothing items, which beautifully dressed different silhouettes, radically opposed lifestyles and various characters, in all important moments of life. This is how YOKKO history started. The base concept is to create a balance between quality, design, comfort and refined simplicity.
Now YOKKO is very well-known for the special occasions and business outfits they design, producing annually over 10,000 jackets, 20,000 dresses, 50,000 t-shirts and blouses and also 12,000 other clothing items ever since.
The quality of the fabrics and the over-attention to detail are the ingredients which have succeeded in making YOKKO brand the first choice for business women and for those who have to participate at different occasions, where the dress code is compulsory elegant. The company collaborates with suppliers from Italy, Spain, France and other European Union countries, in order to ensure the best quality for the products.
YOKKO clothes are appreciated all over the world and easily distributed directly to customer using TNT in just 2-5 days. In Romania, YOKKO has 12 stores, out of which 9 in Bucharest (including an outlet store) and one store in each important area of the country: Constanta, Brasov, Cluj and Bacau. The collections are weekly refreshed with trendy garments announced by newsletters to all the subscribers.

Prin arhitectura moderna si designul contemporan, specialistii nostri au conceput magazinele BIGOTTI creand un alt mod de a promova moda masculina. Accentul este pus pe o serie de elemente ce adauga si mai multa valoare atat produselor cat si sesiunii de shopping experimentata de clienti nostri, folosind: mobilier simplu si curat, lumini de calitate perfect ajustate pentru a pune in valoare produsele dar si pentru a crea confortul vizual clientilor nostri in timpul sesiunii de shopping, personal instruit si atmosfera relaxata. Astfel ca, vei intra in magazinele noastre cu intrebari despre tinuta ta potrivita si vei iesi cu satisfactia celei mai bune alegeri vestimentare.

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Established in 2009 in Bucharest as a creation atelier, Rhea Costa was received with high acclaims both by the public and specialist press, being recognized for its fresh approach of the balance between power and femininity.
Rhea Costa is recognized today for the subtle way through which each garment is adapted to the different body types, styles and cultures, proving that “Every woman is unique.”, regardless of the cliche, is a truth: serial production is a thing of the past.
With handcrafted statement garments, each Rhea Costa piece becomes a manifesto for the couture that transcends exclusivity and steps into every day, conserving its rigorous attention to detail.
From the studio in Bucharest where Andreea Constantin designs and attends on every dress from pattern to labelling, Rhea Costa is sold worldwide and can be found in departments stores and high end boutiques throughout Central Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Russia.