Founded in 1996
David Naman is a men’s fashion brand that combines innovation, research and dynamism.
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David Naman is the result of a tailoring background developed over time combined with innovation, research and dynamism. If you are a true lover of style, class and italian designer, David Naman is the one to wear.
Since 1996, David Naman is the answer to a cosmopolitan man with an international style but with an italian taste.
Founding date
Total Look For Men

Founded in 2008
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Born in 2007, Paul Taylor is a fashion brand for a man
with a classic yet refined taste.
Soon after entering the market the brand stood out
successfully for its “New Dandy” style matched with
high quality and unique details.
Although Paul Taylor was established quite recently, the
founders of the brand made their way into the fashion
business many years before, acquiring invaluable
experience which allowed the brand to grow quickly and
to position itself very well on the market.
Total look for man.

La ricercatezza è per noi una passione nonché uno stile di vita: uno stile unico che traspare dalle collezioni che selezioniamo personalmente.
Lo store vuole essere un punto d’incontro, dove il cliente può ritrovare la propria personalità ed il proprio mood senza uniformarsi e confondersi.
Abbigliamento casual, di tendenza e moda elegante, marchi tra i più prestigiosi sul mercato, renderanno la tua shopping experience unica ed originale.
L’altissima qualità garantita dei capi proposti, affiancata da un attento servizio clienti, porterà tutto il meglio della moda direttamente nelle vostre case.

Four brothers founded Empresa in Rome, Italy in 1999 after many years of dedication and hard work. Success started year after year, their need to create and transmit passion for Italian fashion was perceived by a large number of customers first on a national base but soon world wide consumers appreciated the details put in every single item. Empresa is way of living. For men and for women, all products are the result of many hours of commitment: creativeness, experience, love, enthusiasm are all ingredients the mixed together lead to the need to convey art with leather and textiles. Each piece is master piece and essentially made in Italy by Italian artisans.
Best known for leather processing and tanning the final products are appreciated not only as clothes but as a way of expressing a personality which is sometimes hidden, interpreting a philosophy of every day life.
Empresa stores can be found in Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Miami.

Non importa se sto lavorando per un grande marchio o per conto mio – le mie creazioni sono sempre progettate per adattarsi a una donna”. Morbida e forte, come i materiali che scelgo; infinita e volubile, come i colori e le loro combinazioni; preziosa e unica, come la realizzazione minuziosa ed accurata che seguo passo per passo. Proprio come ogni donna, ogni mia creazione deve avere la sua storia e la sua personalità. E, da sola, deve poter creare il proprio destino.