Vogue is an American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine covering many topics including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway based in New York City. Vogue began as a weekly newspaper, first published based in New York City in 1892 in the United States, before becoming a monthly publication years later.
The British Vogue was the first international edition launched in 1916, while the Italian version Vogue Italia has been called the top fashion magazine in the world.[2] As of today, there are 23 international editions.

Marianna Senchina brand is aiming for young fashionable individuals with experimental styles. The garments are mixed between feminine and unisex silhouettes. The clothes also contains experimental details, high quality hand crafting and ironically fun ideas.
In 2017 Marianna Senchina was selected to the 10 best emerging designers and took part in The Next Talents project, organized by Vogue Italy and
In September 2016 Marianna Senchina was named the best designer and received Mercedes-Benz Fashion Prize Award.
In 2015 hard work, dedication and huge desire to be on top helped Marianna to be listed in Top 10 best students of Istituto Marangoni and to present her SS’16 collection «Panic in Vegas» to wide fashion public during IMWarriorShow in Milan. The participation in Istituto Marangoni show and SS’16 collection big show on the main podium of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days boosted the number of numerous publications in such world-known magazines as Vogue Italia, Vogue Australia, L’Officiel Mexico, D-Republic, Vogue Netherlands, Marie Claire Ukraine and Vogue, The New York Times, Vogue Nederland. That had given her the opportunity to start a sales campaign in showroom in Paris with her own brand.
The collections of the designer are full of colors, handcrafting, romantic, funny and ironic at the same time ideas.

The designer family duo, Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, began their brand story in 2011. The masterminds behind the brand are constantly working hand in hand- creating fashion pieces combining reworked materials, perfect cut, Eastern European cultural quotes and spicing it up with some innovative digital concepts.
Spending days on experimenting, and finally created the perfect trend- “demi-denims” taking the fashion world by storm since 2016, and becoming a hit amongst A-list celebrities. Ksenia Schnaider brand is available worldwide in more than 70 stores, such as on Shopbop, Selfridges and etc.

FLOW the Label is a Ukrainian-Belgian womenswear label established in 2014 by sisters Veronika and Viktoriia. The girls are label’s mind and soul as both of them partake in all the key working processes, being owners, managers, creative directors and designers at the same time.
FLOW the Label keeps energetically expanding itself within the borders of European fashion industry, takes part in Paris Fashion Week events, Ukrainian Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, and keeps improving its strategies and global sales.
FLOW the Label is a wise mix of classic motives, often with a retro twist, and modern trends. Genteel, relaxed and very feminine simplicity of FLOW the Label’s refined style is enriched by the easy feel of signature designs, like garments with bright and ironic prints.
Collections are being executed only from the elite, mostly natural fabrics. Big amount of hand work and high team standards result in the very best quality of overall technical execution.
FLOW the Label aims to revive genuine femininity by giving it some new aspects relevant in modern fashion and social contexts. Fashion industry nowadays is often about androgyny, excessive experimental take and intentional ‘trendiness’ that all together create alluring image but look badly in real life. Fashion of that kind gives no harmony, has no attention for tender inner feelings of a woman and her real desires about own look. FLOW the Label’s designers try to solve this problem by making perfectly balanced clothes that truly correspond women’s needs in beauty, functionality and comfort, and stay reasonable and fashionable.
FLOW the Label woman FLOW the Label tells the story of a cool modern citizen who stays charming, intelligent and aesthetically sensitive regardless of her age. She’s successful yet not obsessed by her goals, clever yet not abstruse, active but not too much. In her style, manners and moves there’s an inherent harmony of a smooth river ow; that’s why the label is named FLOW. In business aspect, FLOW the Label’s target customer is a globalized young or mature woman with middle to high income who shops in high-end boutiques and concept stores.

Anna October is a women’s ready-to-wear label that creates a wardrobe
for joie de vivre.
With her eponymous collection, the 29-year-old designer based in Kiev dresses an imaginary Anna October lady who lives a life of beauty and enjoyment, embraces her femininity and confidently plays with it.
With a background in pattern cutting, tailoring and fine art, Anna October reconstructs vintage styles from the past decades and approaches colour as a modernist artist, creating timeless and cinematically feminine pieces to want, love and wear round-the-clock.
Ethically produced in Kyiv, Ukraine.

NUÉ is a partywear brand inspired by the roaring twenties and old Hollywood glamour. Launched in Kyiv in 2019 it celebrates the concept of prêt-à-party as a bold addition to a new minimalistic wardrobe. Each NUÉ piece is crafted by tailors and jewelers and can transform casual daily outfit into a party-proper one. White shirts, black suits and slip dresses are the perfect basis for NUÉ glow.
The brand issues timeless and seasonless collections of so-called jewelry clothing. The designer works with rhinestone fabrics, creating tops, necklaces and body jewelry enriched with classical glamour. A mix of tailoring and jewelry techniques ensures that NUÉ product is both comfortable and destined to be the centre of attention. It’s an essential day-to-night item able to create a festive mood right away.
NUÉ is represented in several boutiques in Ukraine and also can be bought online.

At Syndicate we love the mountains, oceans and all of the world we live in. This is why we have chosen to use organic cotton for many of our our products to help preserve the beautiful world we live in. We are planning to expand our new collection for 2020 to include summer/ street wear tailored for both men and women.
We have a love for all board sports and want to create our new collection so the Syndicate family can enjoy wearing the best quality clothing all year round. No matter if you are Shredding the mountains in winter, skateboarding in the streets and parks, Surfing the gnarly waves or even just chilling with your friends, you will be able to rock your favorite Syndicate designs the whole year through.
With more than 20 years’ experience in creating the best mountain fashion in the business we are super excited for the newest collection to drop. Keep an eye on the website and social media for updates on the new collection.

Ruslan Baginskiy

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Designed for the confident and sophisticated woman by Anastasia Riabokon and Olesya Kononova, Lake Studio collections are known for their statement slip dresses, relaxed silhouettes, and signature wrap dresses.
Lake Studio style combines elegance, craftsmanship, premium natural fabrics and exclusive prints designed in collaboration with contemporary artists. Favored by Amber Le Bon and Nicola Roberts, Lake Studio is a part of Moda Operandi’s The Platform, a fashion incubator for emerging and young talents. Lake Studio’s creations have also caught the eye of a number of international retailers including Liberty London.

Paskal is renowned for delicate silhouettes and minimalistic shapes, which are reminiscent of innovative architecture and nature.
Beauty is derived from the garments core components and construction, laser cutting is at the core of the brand’s DNA.
The result is sensitive design with a strong personality.
In 2013 architecture graduate Julie Paskal launched her brand PASKAL. 2016 was the turning point for PASKAL when Julie was honoured to have her SS16 collection featured in the display window at Colette in Paris and PASKAL became a participant of Paris Fashion Week.
PASKAL now has over 50 stockists globally.