Welcome to Gullfoss, the Golden Falls!
Gullfoss is one of the main attractions in Iceland and gives its name to the Golden Circle.
Gullfoss and its environments were designed in 1979 as a nature reserve. This served to permanently protect the waterfall and allow the public to enjoy this unique area. The Environment Agency of Iceland is responsible for the management of this reserve.
The origin of its name:
Gullfoss gets its name from the golden hue that often shines in its glacial waters.
Another assumption is that the name was inspired by the rainbow you often see when the sun hits the water spray that is thrown up by the waterfall.
The name can also be found in a travel journal by Sveinn Pálsson. “Once upon a time, a farmer named Gýgur lived at Gýgjarhóll. He had plenty of gold and could not bear the thought of someone else possessing it after his lifetime. To prevent this, he placed the gold in a coffer and threw it into the waterfall.” Which has ever since has been named Gullfoss.
How was Gullfoss formed?
Well the gorge was formed by flash flood waters that forced their way through the cracks in the basalt lava layers. On average the water flow is around 110 m3/s. But when these floods happen it can go up to 2000 m3/s, this means that it can fill almost 50 Olympic pools in one minute or about one every second. The floods were so intense that they could fill up the gorge, which is an impressive 32 meters tall, up to the top.
Gullfoss is a tiered Cataract, its total height is 32 m. It has two falls, of which the longest drop is 21 meters tall. It is in the Hvitá River in the Southwestern part of Iceland
Sigriður and her Struggle to Protect Gullfoss:
Sigriðus is an important figure for the myth surrounding the waterfall. She was born 24th of February 1871 and she died ain the Autumn of 1957, aged 87. She lived all her live in Brattholt, a farm that still exists today, and was the second eldest of 13 children born from Margrét Pórðardóttir, a housewife and Tómas Tómasson, a farmer on that same farm.
Only seven of these children made it to adulthood, and Sigriður came to be their leader, since her older sister and only brother left the farm at an early age. Sigriður was thought by her siblings to be rather strict.
Tourism of this amazing waterfall has been dated to as far back as 1875, and its access was rather difficult. Sigriður and her sisters would often guide the visitors all the way up to the waterfall, they built the first trail that led down to the waterfall.
When speculated that Gullfoss was going to be rented by some investors to generate electricity she was not happy, and took them to court, even threatening to throw herself in the river. Fortunately, the investors failed to pay for the rental and eventually the property was recovered and sold to the Icelandic Government in order to protect it as we know it today.

Kronkron store was opened in the year 2004. The store was located on the main shopping street in Reykjavik, Laugavegur.
The owners of Kronkron are the designer duo Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson.
We started out with a few up and coming designers like; KTZ, Marjan Pejoski, and the Danish brand Wood Wood. We quickly grew and took aboard more labels such as Eley Kishimoto, Roksanda Illincic and Henrik Vibskov. Our little, beutiful shop became too small for us and in March 2006 we moved to a much larger space on Laugavegur 63, close to our old spot.
The new space gave us new ideas and further more, we could add more labels. Today we also carry established labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Sonia Rykiel, Marc Jacobs and Bernhard Wilhelm.
We have always aimed at a wide range of customers, of all ages and both men and women. Our wish is to be fresh, fun but at the same time we take our work seriously. The store is a fun mixture of colors and styles, like visiting a sweets factory filled with goodies.
Love & Creation
They aren’t limited by trends or seasons but the spirit of Kron by KRONKRON is timeless and above all feminine. All collections are made to mix and match previous collections, making the design easily collectable and timeless.
The owners of Kronkron store are also the designer duo behind Icelandic label KRON by KRONKRON
Hugrún graduated as a fashion designer from Studio Bercot in Paris in the year 2000. When back in Iceland she met influential hairstylist Magni and love was in the air.
Their background is different, but ties in an excellent way. They have in common their love for fashion and beauty and ambition for making their visions come to life in the most vivid way.
The same year they met this dynamic duo started their own business and opened up their first shop, Kron, a stylish shoe shop on the main shopping street in Reykjavík.
Hugrún and Magni’s love for color and creation and strong aesthetic vision was the drive for their own brand, KRON by KRONKRON. In 2008 they launched the brand with their first shoe collection.
“The first idea was the one we had in our mind the whole time. We designed just as we liked. No prefigure was used, only colors and joy of creation.”
Because of their uniqueness, their designs were noticed from the beginning. Capturing hearts of women all over the world,the KRON by KRONKRON shoes were soon sold worldwide and are getting stronger with each collection made.
There are no compromises in the KRON by KRONKRON designs. It´s a wonderful mix of all the colors in the world, with amazing details like frills and bows and unusual combination of different materials and textures. The shoes are also always made of best quality material; leather, brushed leather, suede and lacquer.
Following the success of the KRON by KRONKRON shoes, the duo added a line of clothing for spring/summer 2010. The clothing carry the same spirit and essence as the shoes. Finest silk dresses with beautiful colors and color combinations. Lovely prints and a lot of details, they are elegant and adventurous at the same time. The ready-to wear collection was a huge success from the start, both incapturing the essence of the shoes and fitting with women’s desires and needs. High in quality, the clothes are feminine and elegant, so distinctively KRON by KRONKRON.
The KRON by KRONKRON collections can be described as colorful, original and extremely attentive to details. It’s beautiful and you can feel the love for creation and the colors of the world.
Since Kron by KRONKRON does not follow seasons, each collection has it´s own name and story of Inspiration.”


STEiNUNN offers a signature collection by Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, informed by the land and cultural traditions from which she first emerged. The collections expresses a love of knits, detail and craft, both in technique and in the very fabric she works with.

2011 “Indriði Award” Icelandic Fashion Council, first time recepiant
2009 Reykjavík City Artist 2009, Reykjavik City, Iceland
2008 Söderberg Prize, Gothenburg, Sweden
2008 Myndstef Award, Nomination, Reykjavík, Iceland
2008 FKA – Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Reykjavík.
2007 Winner of “Ginen 2007”, Nordic fashion awards.
2007 Awarded by President of Iceland the “Knight´s Cross”
2006 Icelandic Visual Art Award, Nomination
2006 Saga Fur Workshop, Copenhagen
2003 Designer of the year award in Iceland, “Menningarverðlaun”
2000 Finalist in Enkamania Design Talent
1986 Adri Gold Thimble Award
1986 Norman Norell Scholarship
1985 Norman Norell Scholarship
1985 Carmelo Pomodoro Silver Thimble Award
1985 Designer of the Future, Knitted Textiles Association

ANOTHER CREATION is a new fashion label. The concept is the first of its kind and offers a unique value proposition for their customers.
The design has the option of transforming into a new look with little effort. ANOTHER CREATION offers its customer the possibility of updating their clothes. We design, produce and sell high quality clothes where every item has a multifunctional quality that allows the customer to modify the product by demand.
The ANOTHER CREATION design is innovative but classic. To ensure top quality products for our luxury accustomed consumer, only the finest Italian fabrics are used four our coats and Icelandic leather for our jackets. ANOTHER CREATION is made by workmanship of the best in the field. We are collaborating with Italian manufacturers, the label “made in Italy” is important to us whereas it reflects the importance of our focus on exceptional quality and ambition.

Located in the basement of Laugavegur 59, in downtown Reykjavik, is a men’s clothing store filled with everything you may need for both casual and formal occasions. Founded by two friends, Kormákur and Skjöldur in 1996. This time capsule of a shop can provide you with quality clothing from brands such as Barbour, Filson, Van Gils as well as the Icelandic design, in-store brand Kormákur&Skjöldur.
The shop has been a go-to place since 1996 for many locals when looking for quality suits, outerwear, blazers or shirts just to name a few. So if you need to buy men’s fashion in Reykjavík our well trained staff will assist you, helping you to find clothes that fit your needs.

We seek our inspiration in art, social movements and forward thinking activists •
• We embrace diversity, equality and encourage expression of individuality •
• Our street wear collection appeals to be bold, unapologetic, unorthodox yet sartorial and modern at the same time. • A dichotomy of urban streetwear and luxury lounge wear with emphasis to express unique style in elegant ruggedness. •”

Kiosk, voted the best place to stock up on local Icelandic fashion design by Grapevine consecutively for 7 years, 2011 to 2016 is a co-op shop owned by 4 Icelandic designers.
It’s not only the cool designer wear and accessories that make the shop a great pick, but since the designers take shifts behind the counter you can always guarantee to meet one of them.
The labels currently sold in the store are: EYGLO, Helicopter, Justine Clenquet, Jessie Harris, Kyrja, milla snorrason and Sævar Markús.
Our beautiful shop is located on Ingólfsstræti 6 in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland.

Farmers Market is an Icelandic design company and clothing brand, founded in 2005 by a young artist couple, designer Bergthora Gudnadottir and musician Jóel Pálsson

With strong ties to the vibrant Icelandic music and design scene, the Farmers Market design concept and inspiration draws from Icelandic roots, combining classic Nordic design elements with chic modernity.
Natural fabrics, craftmanship and respect for the environment are key values of the brand. Authentically styled, yet sophisticated and wearable, the clothing is suited for a wide range of occasions, outdoor activities as well as city life.
We place ourselves at a junction. A place where heritage meets modernity, the national meets the international, and the countryside meets the city. We find this an exciting area to explore.
We believe that sustainable fashion and recycling is not just a passing trend, but a key to the future. As our brand name suggests, we focus on using natural materials for our designs. Synthetic fabric is kept to absolute minimum and only used for fabric strengthening, water repellence, or an occasional decor deemed necessary by the designer.

We are proud to be working with some of the finest textile producers in the business. Our fabrics include merino and mohair yarns from Italy, waxed cotton fabrics from British Millerain, Indian raw silk, as well as the unique Icelandic wool from our local yarn mill.

By the same token, we carefully choose production companies to work with, both locally and overseas. We like to work with people who share our vision of creating beautiful, high-quality products while maintaining the highest ethical standards towards humans and nature.

Nouvel espace de rencontre et de Business dédié exclusivement aux acteurs de la lingerie, du swimwear et de l’activewear et accessible 24h/24h

Founded on January 1, 2014
Inklaw Clothing – Handmade in Iceland
Inklaw Clothing is an Icelandic hip-hop influenced street wear brand producing simple and minimalistic clothing.