At Obra Gris, our vision is built upon the evolving and unending relationship between body, garment and place. A sustainable future of conscious consumption is our ethos.
We strive to create smart garments and garments that help our collectors explore their individuality while reducing their footprint. Our Zero Waste Design philoshopy is our guiding principle, which translates into full material use as a creative challenge.

One of Costa Rica’s top fashion designers, Ana Cecilia Ortega is distinguished for her luxurious, elegant and intricately designed silk creations. After more than two decades of passionately crafting gowns and dresses for beauty queens, politicians, celebrities, and professionals, she embarks on a new journey in the USA.
Ana’s love for couture is rooted in her early years. At the age of 6, she started sketching dresses for her paper dolls and in her teen years, began to craft her very own clothes using her mother’s sewing machine. In college, she took a course in Computer Science, but that didn’t stop her from doing what she loved. She continued working with her designs outside of school. Friends and family were her first customers.