STEP is a local brand which produces men’s and women’s wears.
STEP is a privately held company (a family business) of clothing. It was first developed in 1999. It is a local brand offering smart, affordable casual wears and bringing newness and style to life.
STEP has over 16 years of experience manufacturing clothing for the leading retailers in Myanmar. STEP clothing designs are focused on unique designs and the clothes are all very comfortable to wear.

Yangoods carries on the traditions and iconic art of Myanmar by blending the land’s unique culture with stylish 21st century sensibilities. Colorful and original, Yangoods items are a part of your everyday life as fashion, accessories and memorable gifts.
Myanmar is a land rich in heritage and variety with its many different ethnic groups throughout the country. Yet, Yangon is special. It is a city where cultures collide. The past and the future blends together into an intricate canvas. Yangoods is aptly named after this wonderful city drawing inspiration from its very soul.

5 minutes spent with the fluffy and fabulous Stella Rae and you would understand why we named an entire boutique after our furry friend. Only such fierceness could inspire the 2013 launch of Stella Rae’s, located in Norman and McAlester, Oklahoma. Our boutique has successfully made its mark in these Oklahoma towns, a future of even more expansion not too far off.
Stella Rae’s promises our lovely customers to keep them on trend with today’s latest fashion, carefully hand picked by the fashionistas behind the scenes at our boutique. Each item is unique, affordable and fine quality, making our collection stand out from the rest. Our online boutique gives those who are not part of our local following the chance to receive the same customer service and style that our boutique offers (but, of course, at the convenience of their pretty manicured nails).

IME Group is a privately-owned diversified group of companies which was incorporated in 2011, and located in Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. IME Group was founded with a vision “to be a leading corporation in the region by becoming the industry leader in everything we do and to make better future for all”.
Since the founding of IME Group, IME Group has been able to gain trust and support from shareholders, clients and employees. With the support of all stakeholders, the group is able to diversify its business portfolio into many sectors, and IME Group today employ over 600 full-time employees, and it is involved in Real-Estate Development, Construction & Engineering, Distribution, Retail, and Mineral Mining. IME Group is considered as a medium size company today; however, we are working very hard at every sector that we are in to be the industry leader.
At IME, employees are treated fairly and respected in all aspects. We also believe that human resource is the key to success, thus we are providing and offering rewarding career opportunity for employees at all levels. With the strong talented team, we are confident to achieve our vision of becoming one of the most trusted and leading companies in the region.

CafePress is a company that works with designers to bring the world millions of designs on hundreds of different products. Our mission is to create human connection by inspiring people to express themselves.
You do the dreaming and we will handle the printing.


Burma Bibas is a renowned men’s clothing line offering high quality apparel at the intersection of leisure and style. Inspired by coastal lifestyles and made exclusively from premium fabrics, our brand is distinguished by our unique artistry and dedicated craftsmanship. Burma Bibas offers relaxed, full-cut fits for men of all sizes and our original designs are both casual and refined.