An online fashion company based in Hong Kong. Aleshia was started in 2017 by two girls who share the same dream to bring high quality affordable fashion to girls all over the world.
Aleshia is a woman they want to become a woman who wears pretty dresses on different occasion to reflect her own personality. A woman who enjoys modern lifestyle and lives. Her own life. They believe that falling in love with one’s self is the first step of towards happiness.


Founded in 2008 as a passion project, MISCHA embodies the personal style and sensibilities of its founder, Michelle Lai. Inspired by the intrepid spirit of women today, MISCHA creates timeless designs for the everyday journey. The brand is best known for its iconic hexagon print totes bags, becoming a travel and style essential for the global citizen.

British born designer Emma Wallace has firmly established herself as a hot commodity within the Asian market. Having fallen in love with Asia during years of travelling, the Berkshire native settled in Hong Kong where she has become the ‘go to’ for innovative, modern, yet exceedingly elegant formal ready-to-wear pieces.
Drawing on her travels, Wallace’s collection delivers a seamless blend of Western heritage fused with Eastern influence. With nods to period drama, the 1920’s and 1970’s, alongside fabric, colour and pattern inspiration from the vivid sights of the Far East, her unique collections serve up the perfect mix of vintage and cutting edge modernity for the woman who wants to feel unstoppable.
Wrap detail with an origami essence, asymmetric details and intricate, yet wearable cut work that shows a subtle flash of skin are just a few of the touches that run throughout every season. Perfect for the sophisticated woman who wants to stand out. The brand’s signature staple – the Kimono style jacket offers a true ‘hero’ piece for those who embody the spirit of the Emma Wallace woman.

Shipped from HK but inspired by the world, we are an Australian online boutique offering the latest in effortlessly feminine, sexy and fun women’s clothing and accessories – all at great prices! Because we know that quality fashion doesn’t have to break the bank.
Born from a life-long love affair with fashion and an obsession with the ocean, we are constantly on the hunt for unique styles perfect for spending long summer days sipping cocktails by the beach and rockin’ out with your girlfriends by your side.
Our #blackcoralbabes are more than just confident and fun – we are the girls who never outgrew playing dress up, who have an unapologetically insatiable love of life. We are the free spirited and the fierce, and we are not afraid to take on the world (while looking fabulous, of course!).
We hope we inspire you to live a life outside of the box, just as our customers have inspired us every day.

A.C.F is the only sustainable, gender-neutral and vegan fashion label offering a refined minimalistic aesthetic, surpassing expectations in functionality and comfort. Perfect for the urban lifestyle.
With a vision to eliminating textile waste in the fashion industry, founder and designer Alexandra Foster sources luxurious deadstock and surplus fabrics to create her collections. A.C.F saves gallons of water, kilograms of fabric waste and carbon emissions each garment that is produced compared to industry standards. A.C.F garments are bold and unique, exploring typically masculine and feminine traits to create flawlessly genderless collections.
Full transparency is championed in A.C.F’s supply chain, only working with accredited highly ethical manufacturing partners and considers the environment and humanity in all steps along the supply chain. All garments are made with love.
“It’s better to do a little of something than a lot of nothing”

An innovative clothing line for the modern-day nomads and wanderers, Aanya isn’t just a style, it’s a lifestyle. Our bold styles designs breathe fresh life into the Bohemian, reclaiming creative self-expression for this generation of women. Aanya is for the curious creatives, the wanderlust adventurers, and progressive free spirits. From clothing to accessories, we’re a brand that strives to be as exciting and unique as you.

Hi there! As a brand we think “ High quality & affordable pricing “ is not something to brag about.

You get inspired by your travels and other strong women, you want to see more, meet new people and keep growing. When you’re not out socialising you appreciate nature, your family and your time. As you’ve gotten older you’re more comfortable in your own skin, you focus on both your mind and body, understanding more about yourself and what makes you shine from the inside out.
“Anthea Cooper jewellery is designed for you, the confident woman who appreciate’s travel and nature, making the most life has to offer. My inspiration comes from nature and my Indian background which you will find is the essence of all my pieces. A lover of semi precious stones, I showcase these in my design’s and hope it reminds you of your own unique and natural beauty.”
Jewellery is a great way to show people what you are about; it makes an outfit so much more personal. I grew up with my Mum always wearing and sharing her treasured pieces with me. I’m passionate about creating contemporary jewellery that other people can treasure too. Anthea Cooper was created not only for my love of jewellery but other inspiring women following their passions; I decided to follow mine! I hope I can inspire you to follow yours.
Please check out my first range to the public and most likely my signature style, Floral Escape.

Basics for Basics is an ethical fashion brand based in Hong Kong. From beginning to the end, the company wants to ensure that the products are made with care and that the people are treated the right way. When it comes to our garments, our main focus is to find the best solutions in lowering our carbon footprint, mainly using surplus fabrics, organic cotton and other sustainable materials.
Basics for Basics is not only a brand but also a community. Encouraging the act of love and care. To push forward the movement of making the society a better place.
Basics for Basics believe that in order for the future generations to continue to enjoy this beautiful place we call earth, it is our duty to start living in conjunction with nature and to reduce carbon footprints.
Start with the Basics, Start with Us.