Founded in 2014 by self-taught designer, Tshering (Chimmi) Choden, CHIMMI House of Design has grown from a home-based business into Bhutan’s first internationally recognized fashion house. CHD is a socially conscious brand that supports sustainable growth within the local textile industry by providing salaried employment opportunities to local weavers, tailors and artisans.
The brand’s success not only ensures the preservation of Bhutan’s unique craft, but guarantees that the art will continue to evolve; building upon traditional techniques to create contemporary designs. Like generations of women before them, Chimmi Choden and her weavers are innovating new patterns, incorporating different fibers and experimenting with color combinations. The effect is a timeless fusion of past and future; a style that very much reflects the social evolution happening in Bhutan today.
Through their committed teamwork and inspired collaborations, CHIMMI House of Design is uplifting—and ultimately redefining Bhutanese textiles in modern times.

Designing started as a mere hobby for Chandrika, which metamorphosed to passion and later became her profession. Before her entry into the world of design, she was a banker. Like a stereotypical young Bhutanese of her generation, at first she was content with a secure 9-5 job while hand-stitching clothes as a hobby. It took her 6 years of mundane work at the bank to realize that fashion designing was her true calling.
She resigned from her job in 2014 to pursue her passion – she spent countless hours on the internet learning about fashion design and tailored clothes at home. Soon, she turned her passion into a business when she realised that her work could fill the void in the Bhutanese fashion industry which lacked innovation and modernity. Recognising that her work could help promote and preserve Bhutanese textile as well as contribute to the country’s economy, she had all the more reason to start the CDK brand at full scale.
For Chandrika, growing the CDK brand into a sustainable and meaningful fashion brand is of utmost importance. She prefers to stay close to her roots when seeking inspiration for her designs, and she finds ways to make her designs sustainable – from using natural fabrics and dyes to using waste fabrics for her designs. In the very near future, she plans to collaborate with women entrepreneurs and skilled artisans to create unique Bhutanese products in order to help the Bhutanese creative community grow together.

She Bhutan, celebrates women of Bhutan and women across the globe. It stands for empowering women through fashion. She Bhutan was established in year 2013, with passion and love for art of designing clothes.
She Bhutan’s collection incorporates Yathra, a textile woven using yak wool and sheep wool into creating a variety of designs with Bhutanese textile infused Bomber jackets, short coats and long coats etc. She Bhutan also customizes their designs as per the client’s choice and fit. In the last five years along with creating unique collection, she Bhutan has created stage costumes for a number of national shows and school concerts.
She Bhutan’s team is skilled, dedicated and committed women working towards She Bhutan’s vision of empowering women. They understand style is a statement and in today’s time it’s a personal expression for many. They believe in enhancing a person’s beauty through classic colors and vintage contours.